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1.1. The present general conditions of sale, drawn up in compliance with the laws in force concerning consumer protection (legislative decree of 6.9.2005, No. 206 "Consumer Code", with particular reference to Title III "Contractual arrangements", Chapter II "Particular procedures for the conclusion of the contract", Section II "Distance contracts", Legislative Decree 9.4.2003, No. 70 "Implementation of Directive (EC) No. 31/2000 on Electronic Commerce"; d .Lgs. 31.3.1998, No. 114 "Reform of the rules governing the Trade") govern all the purchase contracts concerning the products present in the online catalog of the English version of the website WWW.STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM concluded in the manner here described.


1.2. The Customer declares to have read all the information provided to him during the purchase procedure, to fully and unconditionally accept these General Conditions of Sale as well as the conditions of use of the site.


1.3. The present general conditions may be modified by STAI BENE COSMETICA, without any notice.


1.4. Each contract will be governed by the General Conditions of Sale in force at the time the order is forwarded by the Customer.




2.1. Seller of products on the online catalog of the English version of the website WWW.STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM is COSMETICAL PROJECT S.R.L with registered office at Via della Pace, 2f3 40010 Sala Bolognese  (Bologna) - Italy VAT no. 03414421200




3.1 To forward your purchase order, the User must first register as a Customer on the website WWW.STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM, and follow the purchase procedure indicated by the STAI BENE COSMETICA system.


3.2. The purchase contract stipulated between STAI BENE COSMETICA and the Customer must be considered concluded with the acceptance, even if only partial, of the Customer's order by STAI BENE COSMETICA. Acceptance is expressed by a confirmation e-mail sent to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer.


3.3. The confirmation message will contain order date and a 'Customer Order Number', to be used for any further communication with WWW.STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM. The message re-proposes all the data entered by the Customer who undertakes to verify its correctness and to promptly communicate any corrections within and no later than 24 hours from the order entry. Any charges deriving from address entry errors and / or incorrect communications will be fully borne by the customer.


3.4. Once the online purchase procedure has been completed, the Customer will check the accuracy of the data entered, print or save an electronic copy of his order and the related confirmation and in any case retain the current General Sales Conditions.




4.1. The subject of these General Sales Conditions are the products in the online catalog of the English version of the WWW.STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM site


4.2. The customer can only purchase the products present and available on this catalog at the time the order is placed. STAI BENE COSMETICA reserves the right to change the product catalog without prior notice.


4.3. If the prices or other details on products / promotions have been displayed incorrectly, also because they were incorrectly entered in the database, we assume the right to cancel the shipment and inform the customer as soon as possible, if the product is not yet been delivered.


4.4. If one of the requested products is no longer available, STAI BENE COSMETICA undertakes to contact the Customer within 30 working days from the time the order is forwarded, communicating via e-mail or by telephone any unavailability and potential alternative solutions. In this case the Customer can choose whether to wait for the delivery of the order if STAI BENE COSMETICA deems, at its sole discretion, to be able to find the unavailable product anyway, or opt for another product, to which prices and tariffs will apply related, or cancel the order obtaining the return of the price already paid.


4.5. All the products offered for sale are analytically described (quality, characteristics, price) in the specific online catalog of the English version of the website WWW.STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM. The product information sheet shows the retail price including VAT. Further and any additional costs (shipping, transaction, administrative, and / or installation and / or insurance costs) will be displayed overall before the order is forwarded.


4.6. The image, possibly present in support of the description of the product, has a purely descriptive value and may not coincide with the real characteristics of the product, but may differ in color, size and accessory products shown in the figure. The color of the article may be different from that represented by the computer monitor also due to the particular calibration configured by the PC user.


4.7. Not all products can be supplied with a manual in Italian: the buyer agrees that the manual can also be supplied in a different language.


4.8 The order can be canceled at any time if it has not been confirmed by a STAI BENE COSMETICA operator. If the Customer wishes to cancel the order after being confirmed by an operator, during or after delivery, the costs of delivery and return will be charged to the Customer. For more details, visit the Returns section.


Payment by Credit Card


5.1 The payment of the Products purchased on the WWW.STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM Website can be made by credit card directly through the Site. All credit cards belonging to the Visa and Mastercard circuits are accepted. In order to guarantee the security of payments made on the Site and to prevent fraud, STAI BENE COSMETICA reserves the right to ask the user, via e-mail or through the reserved area, additional information and / or a copy of the document. identity. The document must be valid. Pending the requested document, the order will be suspended. In the absence of the required documentation, STAI BENE COSMETICA reserves the right to refuse the order.


In case of cancellation of the order, both by the Customer and in the case of rejection of STAI BENE COSMETICA, the same will simultaneously request the cancellation of the transaction and the release of the amount committed. The cancellation of the order is possible up to the moment in which the same is in the "Received" condition and only if a prompt communication is made of the will to cancel the order. The order status is clearly visible in the "Customer Area - Order Status" section.


The release times for some types of cards depend exclusively on the banking system and can reach their natural expiry. Once the cancellation of the transaction is requested, in no case will STAI BENE COSMETICA be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delay in the failure to release the amount committed by the banking system.


At no time during the purchase procedure STAI BENE COSMETICA is able to know the information relating to the buyer's credit card, as they are entered directly on the website of the bank that manages the transaction (with very high security systems - Certificate of SSL Security Secure Socket Layer); in this way, there is no possibility that this data is intercepted. No computerized archive of STAI BENE COSMETICA contains or maintains such data. In no case STAI BENE COSMETICA can therefore be held responsible for any fraudulent and improper use of credit cards by third parties, upon payment of products purchased on https://WWW.STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM.


Payment by bank transfer

 5.2 In case of payment by Advance Bank Transfer, what ordered by the Customer is committed upon receipt of proof of payment. The accounting copy of the transfer must be sent by fax (051829998) or by email ( with the CRO number highlighted (Operation Reference Code), and must be made no later than 3 days from the date of acceptance of the order. The sending of the order takes place only when the actual crediting on the c / c of STAI BENE COSMETICA is due to take place within 5 working days from the date of acceptance of the order, after which the order is deemed automatically canceled. The purpose of the bank transfer must include the order identifier (date and order number) which is issued in the order confirmation email. Payment by bank transfer is considered a purchase proposal and STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM cannot guarantee that the price or stock will remain the same.


The bank details to make the transfers are:

IBAN: IT45O0364601600526436298628





Via della Pace, 2f3 40010 Sala Bolognese (Bologna) - Italy


Cash on delivery


5.3 The payment of the Products purchased on the WWW.STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM Website can be made upon delivery, choosing the cash on delivery method.


In case of cash on delivery, an additional contribution is due for delivery: an additional contribution of 6 Euro is applied to the total order amount.


Cash on delivery can be paid in cash, up to a maximum of € 2,999.00.


Payment with Paypal


5.4 In case of purchase through the PayPal payment method, at the end of the order the Customer is directed to the PayPal login page. The amount related to the order is debited to the PayPal account at the time of the order acquisition. In case of cancellation of the order, both by the Customer and in the case of non-acceptance of STAI BENE COSMETICA, the amount will be refunded to the customer's PayPal account. The cancellation of the order is possible until the moment when the same is not yet in preparation in stock. The order status is clearly visible in the "Order Status" area. Once the cancellation of the transaction is requested, in no case STAI BENE COSMETICA can be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delay in the non-release of the amount committed by PayPal. At no time during the purchase procedure STAI BENE COSMETICA is able to know the customer's financial information. Since there is no data transmission, there is no possibility that this data is intercepted. No online shopping cart database contains or maintains such data. For each transaction performed with the PayPal account, the customer will receive a confirmation email from PayPal.


5.5 STAI BENE COSMETICA reserves the right to suspend an order at any time for in-depth checks if, STAI BENE COSMETICA, suspects an attempted fraud.


5.6 STAI BENE COSMETICA may request identification documents in case of suspected fraud regarding the legitimacy of the customer!


Such as: Copy of identity card, copy of the tax code and / or name and surname from the credit card and the last 4 digits written on the card that was used when ordering!


5.7 The customer has 30 days to prove his identity, otherwise the order will be canceled and the amount paid will be refunded.




6.1 For every order placed, STAI BENE COSMETICA issues the invoice for the material sent and the same will be sent by e-mail when the goods are entrusted to the courier. In the event that the order consists of several products and only some of these are immediately available and ready for shipment, the order can be processed in several partial shipments until the total shipment of the products present in the order is sent. In the case of partial shipping, the total cost of shipping all the products and any additional cash on delivery, if present, will be included in the first invoice. For the issuance of the invoice, the information provided by the Customer at the time of the order is binding. No change in the invoice will be possible after the issuance thereof. The Invoice must be kept with care, representing the valid document for the guarantee on the product.




7.1 The products purchased on the site can be delivered throughout Italy, including the islands and Europe according to the timing of evasion present at the time of the order within the individual product data sheets, with effect from the date the order is processed. The timing of eligibility runs from the time it is processed to its delivery to the carrier. For delivery you will have to wait for the courier times continuation indicated.


7.2 All orders will be processed and shipped progressively according to the order number and only after the goods have been paid, the timing of which depends on the payment method chosen. Orders paid by credit card, PayPal, cash on delivery will be processed immediately, while orders placed by bank transfer will only be processed from the day of notification by e-mail of payment made by the administration. The times indicated for delivery are indicative and susceptible to changes depending on the relevant courier and locality and may however be subject to variations due to force majeure, difficult traffic and road conditions, strikes or the Authority.


7.3 Standard delivery, which includes delivery by road, takes place by courier and allows you to receive the goods at the address indicated during the order within the next 48 hours - 10 working days from the withdrawal of the goods from our stores, which will be communicated by STAI BENE COSMETICA by e-mail of "Completed Order". For islands, delivery takes place within 72 hours - 10 working days following the collection of the goods at our warehouses and the notification of "Completed Order".


7.4 STAI BENE COSMETICA cannot be responsible for the consequences due to a possible delay in the delivery or the loss or damage of the order by the courier. In the event that the order has not been delivered within the time allowed, COSMETICA may, on customers' request, verify the causes of this delay. During this period (approximately 15 days) it will not be possible to proceed with the reimbursement or re-shipment of the order.




8.1 According to the art. 63 of the Consumer Code, the risk of loss and damage to the goods, for reasons not attributable to the seller, is transferred to the consumer when the latter, or a third party designated by him and different from the carrier, enters into physical possession of assets.


8.2 The Customer to enforce the insurance coverage of the carrier in the event that it finds anomalies at the time of delivery (packaging damaged or otherwise altered in the seals of closure, product damaged or scratched, lack of one or more packages ordered), must accept the product writing on the document or on the handheld provided by the carrier: "ACCEPTED WITH SPECIFIC RESERVE" + description of the anomaly found. It is not sufficient, therefore, to note "ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE" or "ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE OF CONTROL", in a generic way, without specific justification, BENSÌ the reason for the reservation must be explained in detail, (eg slightly balanced packaging, missing strap, broken polystyrene, presence of the closing tape of the courier etc).


8.3 The Customer must also inform STAI BENE COSMETICA that they have accepted the product with a specific reservation indicating the anomaly found within and no later than 48 hours.


8.4 Should the package or the product show visible damages, scratches or any other type of anomaly and the courier refuses to have the specific reserve affixed, the goods must be refused and what has happened in a timely manner must be reported to the STAI customer service COSMETIC GOODS at the email address


8.5 In any case, without prejudice to what is indicated in the Consumer Code, articles 128 et seq. , STAI BENE COSMETICA will not be held responsible for any anomalies found on the status of the product, after delivery, if the Customer, in the presence of an anomaly, has accepted the package without affixing a specific reserve (in the correct manner indicated above).


8.6 Once the Courier's transport document has been signed without indicating the above, the Customer will no longer be able to oppose any dispute about the quantity and quality of the goods received.




9.1 The Customer is recommended to:


Check that the product arrived corresponds to the one ordered and present in the invoice, checking it and checking the reference codes;

Check the quantity of packages indicated on the bulletin;

Check that the package is perfectly intact in all its parts in detail;


In order to enforce the insurance coverage of the carrier, report the minimum anomalies present in the packaging with the words I ACCEPT GOODS WITH SPECIFIC CONTROL RESERVE INDICATING THE DESCRIPTION OF THE ANOMALY RECOVERED. For example: NON INTEGRA PACKAGING or NON-PRESENT STRAPPING or ROUTE POLYSTYRENE PART. This indication will be shown on the courier's palm, if present, and on paper;


In the event that the package has a visible break, on the delivery note or on the handheld that will be signed, the Customer must write: I accept merchandise subject to SPECIFIC inspection due (eg, balanced package, or other) or will have to refuse delivery;


In the event that the courier refuses to have these specific reservations entered, the Customer will have to reject the material and promptly notify the customer by writing to, as in the absence of these terms STAI BENE COSMETICA will not intervene in any way in the eventual management of a damaged package, or missing pieces;


To be sure of the inclusion of the word I ACCEPT GOODS WITH SPECIFIC CONTROL RESERVE (With motivation) the Customer must enter it PERSONALLY on the courier's list (by pressing enter after entering) and on paper if present. !!! THE COURIER WILL NOT INSERT THIS RESERVE FOR YOU !!!


9.2 The specific indication of the reserve has fundamental importance to assert the insurance of the transport of the products. In fact, shipments travel insured. When "STAI BENE COSMETICA" entrusts the products to the courier, perfectly intact, an integrity check is carried out by the same, which in case of anomalies will not pick up the package. The specific reserve allows you to request full or partial repayment of the damage to the carrier. Without the SPECIFIC reserve and the indication of the anomaly found, the Customer will be fully responsible for having received an undamaged package that does not present any break or anomaly.


9.3 The reporting of any anomalies already reported with the specific reserve to the courier, must reach STAI BENE COSMETICA within and not beyond 48 hours. If the reports reach beyond the indicated times (48 hours from receipt of the goods) no complaints of any kind will be accepted.




10.1 According to the art. 64 and following of Legislative Decree n. 206/2005, if the Customer is a private consumer (ie a natural person who buys the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does not make the purchase indicating a VAT reference), he is entitled to withdraw from the contract of purchase for any reason, except as indicated below, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the products.


10.2 The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending, within the terms set forth above (14 calendar days), an explicit declaration from which the intention to exercise this right can be deduced (for example a registered letter with return receipt addressed to the Office Lawyer of COSMETICAL PROJECT SRL, Via della Pace, 2f3 40010 Sala Bolognese  (Bologna) - Italy P.IVA. 03414421200, eventually advanced by fax to 051829998 or mail to or PEC ) or by filling in the appropriate online form from.


10.3 The communication is intended to be sent in time if sent / delivered to the accepting post office within the time limits specified above.


10.4 In the event of the right of withdrawal being exercised, the Customer is required to return the purchased product to STAI BENE COSMETICA, at COSMETICAL PROJECT SRL, Via della Pace, 2f3 40010 Sala Bolognese (Bologna) - Italy P.IVA. 03414421200, only after having received authorization to return by mail or fax. This communication will contain all the information necessary to facilitate the correct return of the goods, including the address to which it will be delivered.


10.5 The substantial integrity of the goods and their packaging and the non-presence of anomalous opening practices of the packages to be returned is an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal.


10.6 Products without a return authorization will be rejected by the sender.


10.7 The product must be returned respecting the resale (intact and complete with the original packaging).


For the correct exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Customer, it is specified that:


The Customer is solely responsible for the decrease in the value of the goods resulting from the handling of the product other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product. The product must in any case be stored, handled and inspected with normal diligence and returned intact, complete in all its parts, fully functional, complete with all accessories and illustrative sheets, with identification tags, labels and disposable seal, where present , still attached to the product and intact and not tampered with, as well as perfectly suited to the use for which it is intended and free from signs of wear or dirt. You can exercise the right of withdrawal in relation to the product in its entirety and not for parts and / or accessories of it. 


STAI BENE COSMETICA reserves the control on the returned goods to evaluate any damage or tampering deriving or not deriving from transport.


The direct costs of returning the goods, as well as the shipping and the responsibility of the transport (damages caused by the courier and / or others) will be charged to and care of the Customer.


The Customer must return the product without undue delay and in any case within fourteen days from the date on which he communicated his decision to withdraw from the contract. The deadline is met if the Customer sends back the goods before the fourteen-day period expires.


10.8 The refund concerns the sums paid for the price of the product only.


10.9 In the event of forfeiture of this right, even if the package has arrived at the warehouses authorized by STAI BENE COSMETICA, the product will continue to be owned by the Customer, who must provide for the collection of the same by courier. In the latter case, the Customer is responsible for returning the goods to the sender / buyer. After a further 30 days, STAI BENE COSMETICA is no longer responsible for the product in its warehouses.



11.1 The sales contract between the Customer and STAI BENE COSMETICA is concluded in Italy and regulated by Italian law.


11.2 Without prejudice to the possible applicability of mandatory provisions of law for the protection of consumers (as defined pursuant to article 1 letter b) of Legislative Decree 22 May 1999 n. 185), any dispute connected with these General Conditions, and therefore with regard to the stipulation, interpretation, execution and termination of this contract, will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Bologna.


11.3 Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 1341 and 1342 of the civil code, the Customer declares to have carefully read and understood and to specifically accept all the clauses of the General Sales Conditions of the site WWW.STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM


11.4 The conditions contained in this document may be modified by STAI BENE COSMETICA without notice and will be valid from the date of publication on the website https://WWW.STAIBENECOSMETICA.COM