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Stai Fresh

Stai Fresh

Sei Fresh® Ocenao and Tahiti are the new perfumed waters of stai Bene Cosmetica.

Stai Fresh is an olfactory accessory to be sprayed on the skin to treat yourself to a pleasant refreshment on hot summer days.

The scented water of the "stai Fresh" line is made from natural ingredients and is totally alcohol-free.

The water / oil emulsion is obtained thanks to castor oil which is an excellent emulsifier as well as deeply hydrating the skin.

The composition of the water contains natural mint crystals, a very valuable product that refreshes for a long time and has no side effects.

The preservative used is an organic product that also acts as a skin disinfectant.

The product:

- does not stain clothes

- It can be used on any area of ​​the body avoiding the most sensitive parts (mucous membranes, eyes)

- does not compromise tanning

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