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Spugnosa e Soap

Spugnosa e Soap

Spongy & Soap is a very soft sponge completely soaked in perfumed natural soap, which gently cleanses the skin.

Belonging to the Solid Cosmetics stai Bene®, the Spongy & Soap has a practical, versatile and eco-sustainable use, ideal for both the bathroom and the shower but also for your moments away from home.
Spongy & Soap can be used in the shower, in the tub or in your camper.
It is advisable to moisten the skin in the shower, passing the side of the sponge soaked in soap over the entire body area; turn the side with the sponge and massage thoroughly. Rinse.
To avoid wasting the product, it is advisable to let the sponge drain from the side of the sponge onto the soap dish, thus preventing the water absorbed by the sponge from consuming the soap.

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