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SolidOlio® Bio Scrub

SolidOlio® Bio Scrub
SolidOlio® bio Scrub is a compact cosmetic with exfoliating power from the Solid Cosmetics Line by Stai Bene®.
Based on very pure organic vegetable oils and butters in maximum concentration, natural vitamins and integral sea salt, SolidOlio®bio Scrub has been designed for:

- Remove dead cells from the body and face, promoting cell regeneration
- Reactivate the microcirculation from the legs, ankles, thighs and buttocks
- Detoxify the skin of toxins and impurities on the surface

SolidOlio® bio Scrub doesn't contain paraffins, parabens, silicone, sulphates, irritating surfactants, nickel.

How is SolidOlio®bio Scrub used?

In the bath or shower, pass the stick of SolidOlio® bio Scrub directly on dry or previously moistened skin or by taking a nut and massaging it with circular movements on the affected areas. Finally rinse with warm water.
SolidOlio®bio Scrub is also an excellent scrub for the face

How should you behave in the summer period?

Being SolidOlio (and SolidOlio Scrub) a compendium of vegetable oils and butters, in the summer it could soften.

It is advisable to store the product in a cool and dry place or directly in the fridge. SolidOlio will preserve its organoleptic properties and will give a pleasant refreshment to the skin.
With the captivating olfactory note of Orchid and Patchouli, in its formula based on very pure vegetable oils and butters and integral sea salt, SolidOlio® Solsitice Scrub helps to make the skin of the body and face bright and clean, eliminating impurities and dead cells , but also extraordinarily ..
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