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Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Equilibrio - Tonificante

Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Equilibrio - Tonificante
Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Equilibrio - Tonificante
Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Equilibrio - Tonificante
Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Equilibrio - Tonificante
Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Equilibrio - Tonificante

- indicated for those who have experienced traumatic episodes that have made them lose their inner stability

- flowers: Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Crab Apple

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The Organic Equilibrium Bach Flower Ointment, handcrafted by the stai Bene laboratory, is the creamy preparation with invigorating energy to be massaged into the skin, designed for those who have lost inner stability. Organic Bach Flower Ointments preserve in their all-natural heart, the “subtle” power of floral extracts, prepared according to the recipe of Dr. E. Bach.

The 7 Bach flower mixes combined with a creamy base rich in biological plant active ingredients and enzymes can be used safely in the energy points: wrists, temples, frontal center, solar plexus, sacral center, dorsal center, trapezius. Organic Bach Flower Ointments are also extraordinary functional massages on the corresponding meridians, for muscle friction and suitable for adults and children for foot massages.

Bach Flowers: Rock Rose- Impatiens- Clematis- Star of Bethlehem- Cherry Plum- Crab Apple
Essential Oils: Myrrh and Sage
Guiding phrase: Harmony is inside and outside of me

Within the base of Bach Flower Ointments beyond to the synergies of Bach flowers, organic Calendula officinalis oil and organic Licorice extract, with deeply emollient, healing and soothing characteristics, there are 4 vegetable oils: Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Linseed Oil and Borage Oil, selected on the basis of the specific characteristics of the fatty acids contained, which are broken down through an enzymatic activation technique.

This procedure, through the use of specific enzymes capable of hydrolyzing the ester bond between glycerin and the fatty acids that make up the triglycerides (of which the oils are essentially made up), allows to obtain a phytocomplex with bio-chemical and chemical characteristics. absolutely unprecedented physical characteristics: very high bioavailability, greater affinity to water, deep moisturizing and nourishing capacity and therefore unique final sensoriality on the skin that is dry and silky at the end of the treatment.

Here Clematis's answer is to the tendency, during a delicate phase of life, to the loss of connection with the real world.

Star of Bethlehem is the Star of Bethlehem, the Assistant flower that recalls the 5-pointed star of David, which opens its petals to the rays of the sun to carry its message of rebirth, of release from a heavy and traumatic experience. Star of Bethlehem brings back the light, solidifies the mind, supports the aching soul that has known the darkness, restoring the desire to get back into the game.

Cherry Plum is the assistant flower of the Visciola, which blooms solitary at the end of winter, carrying with it the message of regaining courage, restoring balance in one's life. The loss of control, the fear of going crazy is just a distant memory that Cherry Plum transforms into a search for perfection, rationality, into a constructive and conscious force. Crab Apple is the wild apple, the Assistant flower, which gives a sense of whiteness and inner peace.

The fear of being contaminated, the perception of immorality towards oneself for some thought or action, evaporates and leads to the pleasure of sharing with others, to the joy of recognizing ourselves as wonderful creatures as we are, to a healthy and balanced vision of the world. 

Reflex problems: anxiety, anguish, aggression, anger, sense of personal dissatisfaction, difficulty concentrating, exhaustion, excessive waste of energy, apathy, disinterest, resignation, insomnia, sensitivity to cold. Physically: rashes, dermatitis, itching, allergies, hypersensitivity to the ears, inflammation, cramps, tingling in the limbs, rosacea, dry skin. Balance: unconscious blocks stress and distress - inflammation and swelling

Content Weight130 gr
IngredientsHydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate and Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables*, Aqua, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil*, Calendula officinalis Flower Extract*, Betaine, E.L. Glycyrrhiza Glabra*, Lecithin, Tocopherol*, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Citric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCL, Cinnamic Acid, O.E. Commiphora Myrrah*, O.E. Salvia officinalis*, Rock Rose Flower extract, Impatiens Flower extract, Clematis Flower extract, Star of Bethlehem Flower extract, Cherry Plum Flower extract, Crab Apple Flower extract
How to Use
How to UseLe 7 miscele di Fiori di Bach unite a una base cremosa ricca di principi attivi vegetali biologici ed enzimi si possono utilizzare in tutta sicurezza nei punti energetici: polsi, tempie, centro frontale, plesso solare, centro sacrale, centro dorsale, trapezio. Gli Unguenti bio ai Fiori di Bach sono straordinari anche massaggi funzionali sui meridiani corrispondenti, per frizioni a livello muscolare e indicati per grandi e piccoli per massaggi plantari.

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