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Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Distensione- Accettazione

Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Distensione- Accettazione
Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Distensione- Accettazione
Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Distensione- Accettazione
Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Distensione- Accettazione
Unguento bio ai Fiori di Bach Distensione- Accettazione

- suitable for those who are rigid, irreproachable, frantic, distressed and find it difficult to let go of situations and people

- flowers: Impatiens- Rock Water- Aspen- Beech

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Organic Bach Flower Relaxation Ointment is a creamy preparation with a relaxing energy to be massaged into the skin, designed for those who feel stiff and contracted and struggle to let go of certain situations or people.

The tendency is that of the judgment of others, in the difficulty of understanding and acceptance that everyone needs his time to mature his awareness.

Organic Bach Flower Ointments preserve in their all-natural heart, the “subtle” power of floral extracts, prepared according to the recipe of Dr. E. Bach.

The 7 Bach flower mixes combined with a creamy base rich in biological plant active ingredients and enzymes can be used safely in the energy points: wrists, temples, frontal center, solar plexus, sacral center, dorsal center, trapezius. Organic Bach Flower Ointments are also used for functional massages on the corresponding meridians, for foot massages, for muscle friction, for both adults and children.

Bach flowers: Impatiens- Rock Water- Aspen- Beech

Essential oils: Eucalyptus and Oregano

Guiding phrase: I let go and open my heart

Inside the base of the organic Bach Flower Ointments, in addition to the synergies of Bach flowers, Calendula officinalis oil and Licorice extract, with deeply emollient, healing and soothing characteristics, there are 4 vegetable oils: Olive, Almond Oil, Linseed Oil and Borage Oil.

Bach flowers contained
Impatiens is the Healing flower of Balsamine, the Himalayan plant, impulsive, impatient that invests in words to anticipate the concept, which prefers to do it alone in order not to have to waste time explaining how to do it. Its transformation opens up even introspective scenarios, eliminates performance stress, teaching to wait, respecting the right time for everything.

Rock Water and the non-flowered flower Help, is the rock water that flows under the impetuous heat of July, bringing the subtle message of flexibility and mental openness to its uncompromising and hard nature.

Aspen the Poplar, the Assistant who in his leaves trembling even in the absence of wind and in his flowers just suspended, in the balance, heals his indefinite fears in the telepathic force capable of seeing beyond, releasing a lion's courage to know how to face the unknown.

Beech is the Beech, the imposing Assistant who stands as a severe judge over everything and everyone. In his attachment to details, in the defects of others that he acidly emphasizes to emerge hiding his own, hides the understanding of knowing one's limits, the ability to know how to enhance the beauty of creation, the knowledge and importance of the particular.

Reflex issues
The profile is rigid, irreproachable, frenetic, anguished and restless, hypercritical and driven by the absolute conviction of one's own vision of things, the only possible one at its sole discretion. The projection of the mood externally generates on the body: hardness and lack of flexibility with pain and inflammation localized in the joints, muscle contractures, nervous tics, stuttering, rheumatic forms, tremors, cervical, irritation, eczema covering areas of the skin , tendency to allergic manifestations with burning and itching, couperose.

Tension from sensory sensitivity and excessive sense of judgment - muscle aches
Content Weight130 gr
IngredientsHydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate and Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables*, Aqua, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil*, Calendula officinalis Flower Extract*, Betaine, E.L. Glycyrrhiza Glabra*, Lecithin, Tocopherol*, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Citric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol (and) Glycerin (and) Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCL ( and) Cinnamic Acid, O.E. Eucalyptus globulosus*, O.E. Origanum vulgare*, Impatiens Flower extract, Rock Water Flower extract, Aspen Flower extract, Beech Flower extract

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