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FAQ FangoGel ContraCell

Certainly. The use of ContraCell FangoGel during physical activity enhances the results thanks to the movement that counteracts venous stasis and circulatory pressure. Combining the use of FangoGel with a pair of medium / strong compression leggins, a constant stimulus is maintained on the microcirculation.

Night is one of the best moments for absorbing cosmetic products. During the night, in fact, our skin is more receptive because, thanks to the increase in temperature, a vasodilation is triggered which increases the absorption of the active ingredients contained in the FangoGel ContraCell formula. Furthermore, thanks to the resting position, it is possible to optimize the circulatory flow with a cushion placed under the legs.

The ContraCell FangoGel formula has been designed to be rapidly absorbed on the surface of the epidermis, but with slow release of its active ingredients, and it is possible to dress up after 5/6 minutes. The time will increase depending on the amount of product applied.

The results of treatment with the ContraCell Fango Gel are subjective and depend on the constancy of application. Generally, appreciable results can be observed already in the first week of use. The effects of ContraCell Fango Gel can be further enhanced by combining a diet rich in antioxidants, natural water, a lower intake of salt and a bit of movement.

The ContraCell FangoGel formula has been conceived with a high concentration of anti-edematous, vasotonic, anti-inflammatory and detox plant active ingredients, without the addition of algae and derivatives to avoid any possible interference with the correct functioning of the thyroid.

Bioflavonoids are naturally occurring pigments in flowers, fruits and leaves of many plant species with an antioxidant action, protecting capillaries, as they strengthen blood vessels and collagen, which supports tendons and cartilages. They are normally taken in herbal teas, fruit juices and plant foods. But there are conflicting opinions about their use during pregnancy, here we prefer to refer to the advice of your doctor.

The rubescence that arises after the application of the FangoGel ContraCell IperForte Bruciagrassi Caldo is a natural reaction linked to the vegetable components contained in the formula. It lasts about 50 minutes; after which it vanishes little by little, while the active ingredients act slowly. Our advice is to apply FangoGel ContraCell IperForte Bruciagrassi Caldo on intact skin, using disposable gloves, to avoid the product coming into contact with eyes and mucous membranes and to keep it away from children.

The combination of natural draining active ingredients (Centella, Rusco), toning (Escin, Horse Chestnut) and anti-inflammatory (Arnica, Aloe) on a cold base and contained in cold ContraCell SalvaCapillari, combined with other lipolytics (Ivy, Caffeine), heating detoxifiers (Chili pepper , Root of Ginger) active ingredients of ContraCellIperForte Caldo, helps to stir up lymphatic stasis, freeing us from edema, heaviness in the lower limbs localized fat deposits and skin imperfections.

In case of vasal fragility on ankles and legs it is recommended to use only cold ContraCell SalvaCapillari, while ContraCell Iperforte hot can be applied only on glutei and abdomen, if there are no capillaries or veins.

Localized self-massage on legs, buttocks, abdomen with ContraCell Muds saves cold-draining capillaries and ContraCell Iperforte hot fat burner, helps tone muscles, favoring the disposal of liquids, adiposities and toxins, the results of which will be appreciable even from the first applications.

The stress released by the body when the circulatory system is slowed down, as well as creating internal tensions, holds toxins and liquids that inflame the tissues in depth and weigh us down. Deep stimulation of the massage unloads the blocks, with beneficial effects also on the lymphatic system.

To obtain good results on the reduction of retained liquids, of the mobilization and disposal of fats, toxins and cellulite, we recommend applying the product morning and evening on ankles, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms for at least 3 months, to be repeated with a one week interval. Therefore the duration of a 500ml Fangogel ContraCell pack is indicatively one and a half months.

ContraCell FangoGel SalcaCapillari Cold draining is already prepared on a cold basis. Choosing to keep it in the fridge increases the feeling of intense freshness at the time of application. In the summer period placing the ContraCell Salva Capillari Draining Fango Cold in the lower part of the fridge, can be a good idea if you need an enhanced cold action.

SolidOlio Bio

SolidOil is a 100 gr. composed of pure active ingredients from organic oils and butters (Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Wax, Cocoa Butter and Castor Oil) stabilized by Vitamin E, completely free of water, paraffins, parabens and silicones . Its function is to nourish and hydrate the skin in depth both of the body and face, in a simple and immediate way. Its high concentration gives it a yield that is 3 times that of a normal cream. Therefore the quantity to be used is the one that we are going to spread once / twice directly on dry or wet skin.

First of all it is enaugh to remove the product from its recycled cardboard container and spread it directly on the skin, without insisting on the same point, just as you would with a bar of soap and finally massage the area thoroughly. The concentration of its active ingredients is such as to be sufficient for your needs.

SolidOil can be used on both dry and damp skin, taking advantage of body temperature. It can be used after a bath / shower : the mix of heat and humidity present on the skin, will favorate the absorption of the product which will penetrate more easily through the  dilated pores by the heat.

To answer correctly, it is necessary to make a small introduction on the various functions of the skin which are: regulating the temperature, promoting metabolic exchanges, maintaining efficient circulation, protecting us from biological agents (bacteria, viruses, physical and mechanical agents, from ultraviolet solar radiation, control and keep active the water content by acting as a semi-impermeable barrier. It is the maintenance of the water content, present in the dermis, at the base of the skin structure, which allows us to have a healthy and elastic skin, therefore "hydrated". The small fats are able to penetrate the skin, thus nourishing the intercellular cement of the epidermis which will have the function of retaining water, without allowing it to evaporate. So if the skin is not sufficiently rich in fat, the loss of water will be high and the result will be that of dry skin. So when we talk about a moisturizing product, we mean a product that allows the skin to retain water in the skin tissues. Vegetable oils and butters do just that, without clogging the pores. That is why Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® which is composed of Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter is ideal for moisturizing our skin.

Its use after hair removal is ideal for soothing the skin, thanks to the presence of Vitamin E and Shea butter which, thanks to its highly emollient, anti-inflammatory, re-epithelizing active ingredients, calms red skin, regenerating it from the trauma of waxing or razor blade 

Of course: the set of organic vegetable oils and butters contained in the product is a great natural support for the skin in this wonderful moment of life. The high percentage of unsaponifiable fractions present in Shea Butter provide support and emolliency to the skin. Argan oil, a powerful antioxidant, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, simultaneously acting as a barrier against trans-epidermal water loss that keeps the skin hydrated and compact. Coconut oil, thanks to the high dermal compatibility of its fatty acids and its silky touch, gives the skin a deep elasticity and softness. You can spread Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® on the stomach, hips, breasts and buttocks after a bath / shower using the emulsion that forms together with the humidity or use it on dry skin, gently massaging the areas

Thanks to its components targeted and stabilized by the Vitamin of the skin, Vitamin E, Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® is our ally against dry skin. Being compact and super-concentrated in pure active ingredients, the product replaces the moisturizing and restorative cream for the face. A veil of product is spread on the clean face, massaging well around the eyes, lips and décolleté, morning and evening; also excellent as a base for make-up. The skin of the face will be elastic and compact.

Absolutely not. The product is also recommended for men, not only as an after bath / shower, but also as an aftershave, as it calms redness and gives the skin elasticity and brightness. But not only. For those with a bristly beard, Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® is a natural conditioner, which keeps the beard tidy and soft.

Yes, of course. The purity of its components, all certified, makes it a safe, delicate and immediately active emollient. You can use it after bath time, in the diaper change, to protect your skin in wind, cold even sun, under the total screen. You can use it for relaxing massages or on its joints. Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® in fact, containing Argan Oil, is a valid support in motor coordination.

Certainly. After removing the chlorine and pool disinfectants from your skin under the water of the shower, apply Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® on the skin, taking care to massage it thoroughly, in all parts of the body and even on the face. However, I recommend that you also take preventive action. Before entering the tub, apply a light swipe of Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® on the skin, making it absorb well. This will help you increase your protective film and improve the strong impact of the skin with the surfactants present in the pool water. At the end of the workout, after a shower, renew the application of Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® on the whole body but also on the face

Very useful! Its highly emollient and moisturizing components are a real panacea both in the preventive phase and to eliminate dryness from the skin of the hands and feet. In case of deep problems, accompanied by cracks and fissures, Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® also lends itself very well to compresses: a generous layer of product is applied, protecting it with a gauze pad and covering it with a cotton glove / sock. The pack can be kept on the part even all night.

Being a single product, you can use SolidOlio® both as an after bath and as an after-sun face and body. The high concentration of pure active ingredients will allow you to obtain a well-groomed, soft and hydrated skin from the first application. In addition, Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® being compact, has a yield that is equal to 3 times that of a normal cream, so just one / two passes directly on the skin and massage until completely absorbed to enjoy its extraordinary effects.

Its composition, without paraffins or silicones, has a lipophilic base, without water and therefore without preservatives, but has been studied by choosing highly dermo-compatible and targeted raw materials to restore softness and elasticity, which the skin recognizes and lets in. In addition, the Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil in SolidOlio®bio are linked together not only by Cocoa butter and Castor oil, but also by Jojoba wax which has extraordinary characteristics, being a similar sebum. In fact, its waxy behavior also comparable as a composition to the natural oil of the skin, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins (Vit.A, B1, B2, B6 and Vit.E), myristic acid and other substances interacts like a real gateway for all the active ingredients contained in the formula. For this reason Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® is a product that nourishes and hydrates the skin really deeply, effectively responding to problems of dryness, inflammation, loss of tone and insufficient hydration. An excessive amount of Olio Solido® or SolidOlio® will only have a longer absorption time, which will require a little more patience!

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