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Cellulite Line

Cellulite Line

ContraCell® is a Green Anti Cellulite Program based on Phyto derivatives, with a high concentration of draining, anti-inflammatory, vascular reinforcement and toxin disposal active ingredients, designed to solve circulatory problems on venous return.

The formation of cellulite, fat, stagnation of liquids, orange peel are all imperfections that concern the increase in the volume of adiposities found in the adipose panniculus which, by triggering pressure on the blood vessels, slows down circulation.

The formation of an inflammatory state, linked to the stagnation of metabolic waste, is at the origin of the formation of fibrous nodules.

The ContraCell Program, with its Lines, proposes:

- No-rinse sludge in the two Hot and Cold versions

- Detox Ice Peeling and Fat Burner with Carnivorous Plant

- Shock and Thermogenic Treatment

The Green ContraCell® line is divided into two lines, suitable for two types of problems:

- Blue line, specific for those suffering from circulatory problems and vascular fragility including edema and capillaries in evidence

- Red line, specific for those who, on the other hand, have an advanced type of cellulite and must dispose of lipolytic deposits (to be avoided in areas of capillary fragility and visible veins).

The Blu line includes the following products: ContraCell® Draining Capillary Mud Cold Effect 150 and 500 ml; ContraCell® Impact Serum 200 ml and ContraCell® Peelind Draining Detox Ice.

The Red line, on the other hand, includes: ContraCell® Fango Burning Fat Warm Effect 150 and 500 ml; ContraCell® Fat Burning Cream; ContraCell® Fat Burner Peeling with carnivorous plant;

It is advisable to start with the ContraCell® Fango treatment (Cold Capillary Saver or Hot Fat Burner) simultaneously with the Peeling (to be used 2 to 3 times a week), and then start the second treatment, alternating the daily use of the Mud with the Urto Zone Serum (for those who follow the blue line) or the Fat Burning Cream (for those who follow the red line).

Pacchetto ContraCell da Borsa
2-3 days
Brand: Stai Bene®
ContraCell Salva Capillari Anti Ritenzione Idrica effetto Freddo 150 ml e ContraCell Iperforte Bruciagrassi effetto Caldo 150 ml in un unico pacchetto convenienza..
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