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Contracell® Fango Bruciagrassi Caldo - 500 ml

Contracell® Fango Bruciagrassi Caldo - 500 ml
Contracell® Fango Bruciagrassi Caldo - 500 ml
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Contracell® Fango Bruciagrassi Caldo - 500 ml
Contracell® Fango Bruciagrassi Caldo - 500 ml
Contracell® Fango Bruciagrassi Caldo - 500 ml
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ContraCell Burn Fat Warm a hot effect mudgel, suitable for those who do not have problems of vascular fragility, which contributes, through thermogenesis, to act simultaneously on two fronts:
- on edematous cellulite and therefore on the stagnation of liquids
- on the stimulation of lipolytic enzymes for a reducing action

ContraCell Fat Burner Warm therefore:
- It promotes a thermogenic action that favors the dissolution of fats in the areas of application
- contributes to the removal of excess fluids
- stimulates microcirculation, improving capillary permeability
- promotes the reduction of inflammation and venous congestion
- detoxifies the skin of waste and toxins on the surface
- promotes the shaping of the silhouette

Active principles:

Green Tea Extract: very active in the mobilization of toxins and extraordinary antioxidant
CAFFEINE: with a draining effect but above all fat burning, through a targeted attack action on fatty acids present in adipose tissue
IVY: vasoconstrictor, counteracts venous insufficiency, improving circulation and capillary permeability
Escin: rich in flavonoids, polysaccharides, oligosaccharides and tannins, it counteracts lymphatic stagnation, the primary cause of cellulite and has a vasoconstrictive action on vessel walls
CENTELLA ASIATICA: also known as meadow tiger, it is a powerful flavonoid with anti-congestive, toning, venotonic and anti-inflammatory action, which favors the removal and elimination of stagnation of liquids
CAPSICUM ANNUUM: known as chili pepper, it is a strong stimulator of microcirculation, fat burner and tissue oxygenator with a warming effect
O.E LEMON: facilitates the absorption of escin and caffeine, present in the formula, carrying out a basic purifying action
O.E. Ginger: great booster of thermogenic, toning and fat burning activity.

Its rubefacient function allows to increase the heat of the treated area, counteracting the inflammation of the deeper layers and dynamizing the slowed circulation
It is advisable to massage ContraCell Burn Fat with care starting from the ankles, going up the legs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, leaving it to act without rinsing.
The product does not dirty or stain and after a few minutes of application, it can be coated.

Use: in the morning: to take advantage of the effects of the active ingredients that will be released during the day before physical activity: enhancing the treatment with the use of medium / strong graduated compression leggings after physical activity: to take advantage of thermogenesis after the effort and support muscles and tissues before going to bed: the night is one of the best times for the absorption of active ingredients;
with the help of a pillow under the legs after application that will promote optimal circulatory flow for shock action: apply a generous amount of ContraCell Hot Fat Burner, leaving it on for 15/20 min.
Massage well until completely absorbed
Due to the high concentration of plant active ingredients contained in ContraCell Hot Fat Burner, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes and the use of gloves is recommended for applying the product.
The rubescence that appears on the areas treated with ContraCell Hot Fat Burner is linked to the activity of the plant active ingredients contained; it will disappear within 30/50 min. about.
ContraCell IperForte contains flavonoids of plant origin, so for its use in pregnancy and lactation, it is advisable to consult your doctor

ContraCell Caldonon Fat Burner contains: parabens, paraffins, silicones, GMO products, or derivatives of animal origin
The absence of algae and derivatives within ContraCell Hot Fat Burner excludes a possible accumulation of iodine in the thyroid.
ContraCell Hot Fat Burner due to its thermogenic action is not recommended for those suffering from vascular fragility.

Content Weight500 ml
IngredientsAcqua, Caffeine, Camelia sinensis Leaf extract, Coffea arabica Seed extract, Hedera Helix Leaf exract, Octyldodecanol, Xantan Gum, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Escin, Capsicum annuum fruit extract, Centella asiatica exract, Glycerin, O.E. Citrus Limonum, O.E. Zingiber officinale, Benzyl Nicotinate, Methyl Lauroyl Arginatehcl Benzyl Alcohol, Cinnamic
How to Use
How to UseUtilizzo: al mattino: per sfruttare gli effetti dei principi attivi che verranno rilasciati durante il giorno prima dell’attività fisica: potenziando il trattamento con l’utilizzo di leggins a compressione graduata medio/forte dopo l’attività fisica: per sfruttare la termogenesi dopo lo sforzo e sostenere muscoli e tessuti prima di coricarsi: la notte è uno dei momenti migliori per l’assorbimento dei principi attivi; aiutandosi dopo l’applicazione con un cuscino sotto le gambe che favorirà un flusso circolatorio ottimale per un’azione urto: applicare un quantitativo generoso di ContraCell Bruciagrassi Caldo lasciandolo in posa per 15/20 min. Massaggiare bene fino a completo assorbimento Per l’alta concentrazione di principi attivi vegetali contenuti in ContraCell Bruciagrassi Caldo, evitare il contatto con occhi e mucose e si consiglia l’uso di guanti per l’applicazione del prodotto. La rubescenza che appare sulle zone trattate con ContraCell Bruciagrassi Caldo è legata all’attività dei principi attivi vegetali contenuti; scomparirà nell’arco di 30/50 min. circa. ContraCell IperForte contiene flavonoidi di origine vegetale, quindi per il suo utilizzo in gravidanza e in allattamento, è consigliabile consultare il proprio medico di fiducia

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