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SolidOlio® Bamboo ( fig wood,grapefruit and black bamboo)- Zero Waste

SolidOlio® Bamboo ( fig wood,grapefruit and black bamboo)- Zero Waste
SolidOlio® Bamboo ( fig wood,grapefruit and black bamboo)- Zero Waste
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SolidOlio® Bamboo ( fig wood,grapefruit and black bamboo)- Zero Waste
SolidOlio® Bamboo ( fig wood,grapefruit and black bamboo)- Zero Waste
SolidOlio® Bamboo ( fig wood,grapefruit and black bamboo)- Zero Waste

- Nourishes and hydrates 3 times more than any other cream

- Soothes irritated and sensitive skin

- Helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and stretch marks

- Excellent as after sun, aftershave and after epilation

- Protects the skin from wind, cold, chlorine and salt

- Ideal for changing the baby's nappy

- Softens hardened feet, elbows and heels

- Fruity Citrus Olfactory Note

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SolidOlio Bamboo in its fruity notes of fig and very fresh notes of bamboo leaf recalls the desire for walks in the open air. The great hydration of the base formula of SolidOlio that the olfactory note Bamboo gives the skin elasticity and a lot of soft freshness.
Among the 29 available olfactory notes, Olio Solidolio® Bamboo belongs to the Solar Soul.

Solid Oil® or Solidolio®: is an artisanal compact block, without water, belonging to Solid Cosmetics. It is a natural cosmetic product, obtained from the combination of natural Vitamin E and strictly organic raw materials, highly emollient, antioxidant and deeply moisturizing such as Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil and Jojoba Wax.

Free of paraffins, silicones, sulphates, parabens, irritating surfactants, Solidolio®bio is an ideal ally even for the most delicate skin.

How is Solidolio® used:

- After the bath / shower, on the warm and moist skin of the body
- On the face, hands and chapped lips
- After hair removal / shaving
- during pregnancy or growing up, it helps prevent stretch marks
- in case of very dry and flaking skin on hardened feet and heels

When to use Solidolio®:

- Every day, after a shower, on the face and body
- in case of intense wind / cold and sun
- when changing the diaper and after bathing, Solidolio® Bianco after changing the diaper, is the ideal emollient for the baby's irritated skin and protects it in a gentle way
- on the tips of the hair and on the beard
- before swimming in the sea or in the pool

Applied on dry skin, Solidolio® protects it from the irritating action of salt, chlorine and aggressive chemical agents (surfactants); suitable for very sensitive and dry skin.

Search for your ancestral melody in the Journey section in search of our olfactory message of Solidolio®bio, and discover the note that most belongs to your dreams, which makes your senses and your soul vibrate. The journey starts from here.
Content Weight100 gr
IngredientsCocos Nucifera Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil*, Simmonsdia Chinensis Butter*, Theobroma Cacao seed Butter*, Ricinus Communis seed Oil*, Tocopherol*, Fragrance, Legno di Fico( Ficus Carica), Pompelmo (Citrus paradisi), Bambù nero ( Phyllostachys nigra)
How to Use
How to UseCome si usa SolidOlio bio:Dopo il bagno/doccia SolidOlio® sulla pelle calda e umida del corpo è il nutrimento perfetto per una pelle visibilmente luminosa e morbida sul viso sulle mani sulle labbra screpolate dopo la depilazione/barba aiuta a prevenire le smagliature durante la gravidanza o la crescita SolidOlio® aumenta l’elasticità della pelle in caso di pelle secchissima e desquamata sui piedi e talloni induritiQuando usare SolidOlio® Bio in caso di vento/freddo intenso e sole nel cambio del pannolino e dopo il bagnetto SolidOlio® Bianco dopo il cambio del pannolino, è l’emolliente ideale per la pelle irritata del bimbo e la protegge in modo delicato sulla punta dei capelli e sulla barba prima del bagno in mare o in piscina Applicato sulla pelle asciutta SolidOlio® la protegge dall’azione irritante del sale, del cloro e dagli agenti chimici aggressivi (tensioattivi); indicato per pelli molto sensibili e secche Tra le 29 note olfattive disponibili, SolidOlio bio Bambù appartiene all’Anima Ironica Cerca anche Tu la melodia ancestrale nella sezione Viaggio alla ricerca del nostro Messaggio olfattivo di Solidolio®bio, e scopri la nota che più appartiene ai tuoi sogni, che fa vibrare i tuoi sensi e la tua anima. Il cammino inizia da qui.

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