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27 Nov New Blog Post
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20 Nov New Blog Post
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13 Nov
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09 Oct Una Mela al giorno….o la mordi o la spalmi
03 Oct Are there products for the silhouette inside your wish list ?
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Con la fine dell’estate, sono finite anche le lunghe camminate sul bagnasciuga, un’ottima palestra per combattere la cellulite, riattivare la circolazione, smaltire tossine e liquidi in eccesso e perc..
08 Aug Would you like a lighter life without cellulite and heavy legs?
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Heavy legs and celluliteWith this heat it is difficult to live with orange peel and swollen legs.Every step we take, we seem to have a pair of weights attached to the ankles.Not to mention the aesthet..
09 Aug Detox, how to drain and purify the body
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Detox is an English word that indicates a detoxification process. Draining and purifying our body is necessary to maintain an optimal state of health. Going to eliminate toxins and other harmful eleme..
02 Aug If then, I massage myself, I am happier and I burn more
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With the summer season I want to get back in shapeHere we are, summer has arrived!In a flash, sweaters, sweatshirts and padded trousers end up in the winter section of the wardrobe.Of course, along wi..
15 Sep Why choose natural handmade cosmetics
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Is it important to take care of your skin?Having self-esteem is important, knowingly doing it is even better.We talk about mind, spirit but also about the body and when we talk about the body, in the ..
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