Is it important to take care of your skin?

Having self-esteem is important, knowingly doing it is even better.

We talk about mind, spirit but also about the body and when we talk about the body, in the cosmetic field we often talk about skin and how to take care of it.

What is the skin for?

Our skin has a certain structure and therefore precise needs that must be respected as the most precious hydroacidolipidic film which, if healthy, guarantees elasticity and hydration which translate into real beauty and well-being.

Being the largest organ of our body, in addition to breathing, the epidermis performs various functions: protection, dissemination of information and elimination of waste substances.

Are parabens really as harmless as some say?

What is applied on the upper layer of the epidermis penetrates deeply and if composed of synthetic products, in addition to creating superficial irritations, in the long run, it can damage health, as in the case of products derived from oil and parabens now present in many items also for children's hygiene. The skin in fact by its nature is equipped with memory and returns us, with the interests errors and lightnesses.

Because natural skin products are the best choice

A natural craft product as well as being cured one by one, is well tolerated even by the most delicate skin and its functionality is much higher.

What in a cream, or other product, for body, hair, nails, face, is beneficial, are the active ingredients, but by checking the list of ingredients it is possible to notice that, even in the most expensive, often the advertised active ingredients appear among the last ingredients, this means that the content is minimal, consequently also the effectiveness is reduced.

 Is it true that a very expensive cream is always very good?

The belief then that the high cost of a product is synonymous with high quality is not true.

The advertising campaigns for the sale of products, as well as the launch of an innovative preparation decanted as "miraculous", have very high costs that must be recovered in some way. Furthermore a very expensive cream has a psychological impact of some importance on the buyer convinced to buy for this reason, an article with really surprising effects.

When choosing a cosmetic product, the concentration of the active ingredients contained, their purity and biodynamic properties and the absence of parabens, silicones, silicone derivatives, sulfates, paraffins, PEG, EDTA, BHT, irritant surfactants derived from petroleum are very important. That's why many people look for handmade natural cosmetics.