Detox is an English word that indicates a detoxification process. Draining and purifying our body is necessary to maintain an optimal state of health. Going to eliminate toxins and other harmful elements accumulated through not exactly proper nutrition and stress we manage to counter frequent problems such as water retention, poor circulation, swollen legs and cellulite.

Eliminate excess fluids and toxins to feel lighter

Water retention is a purely female disorder that in some cases, however, can also affect men. An excessive load of toxins overburdens our body which can no longer dispose of them. All this accumulation translates into very specific symptoms:

  • Frequent headaches,
  • Digestive disorders,
  • Intestinal gas,
  • Excessive sweating,
  • Skin problems,
  • Legs swollen and feeling heavy,
  • Water retention

Do you feel tired? Inflate? Burdened?

Your body is probably sending you signals to make you understand that you are in a condition of excessive accumulation of toxins. To understand if you suffer from water retention, just take a small test: try to press your thumb firmly on the thigh for a few seconds. If the impression remains visible after removal, you are probably suffering from retention.

Detox program for the body

Following a detox diet can serve a dual purpose:

  1. Stimulates weight loss: beware of those who promise miracle diets that can make you lose many kilos in a few days. It would be the dream of every woman but, unfortunately, it is not really so. A healthier body, with the organs that work best will surely be able to better cope with a diet.
  2. Helps health: Liver, kidneys and intestines, along with skin and lungs, are concerned not only with bringing nourishment to the cells and expelling toxins from the body.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, limiting smoking, alcohol consumption, salt, coffee and following a correct and balanced diet, can help our body dispose of accumulated harmful substances and reduce cellulite and water retention. When it comes to nutrition, the dreaded word diet immediately springs to mind.